Innovation in Practice

Technology has fundamentally transformed our world. It is the most profound change to permeate the profession of architecture and design in the last 70 years. As such, it is one of the more powerful tools we have at our disposal. However, the pursuit of innovation for its own sake is antithetical to our beliefs. Technology and research augment our design and delivery process, rather than the reverse. This outlooks springs from an ethos of inquiry and a commitment to delivering the best results for our clients. We are industry leaders in exploring the implementation of cutting-edge tools integrated into a practice, and our projects providing the feedback loop for future solutions.

Innovation in Practice

Research Fellowship

EDR Research Fellowship

The EDR Research Fellowship enables talented individuals to explore fundamental questions around the development of better buildings while embedded in a firm committed to excellence in design and performance. They are challenged to focus on a particular area of inquiry, unconstrained by day-to-day project deliverables, but with the opportunity to interact with and affect the course of ongoing work. All of their research has the distinct power to affect, not only our processes, but the way in which we learn and grow as a firm.

2023-2024 Fellowship: Just | Change

This year's theme focuses on how design can work towards climate justice — repairing the inequities where marginalized groups bear a disproportionate burden from climate change — and environmental justice, where we end the practice where those same groups bear a disproportionate burden from pollution generated producing the materials designers specify for buildings. Aida Ayuk and Elisa Castañeda are our 2023-2024 Research Fellows.

Visit this page to learn more about this year's Fellowship and to learn more about our Fellow Aida Ayuk as she continues her research in the New Orleans area.

2024-2025 Fellowship: Living in a Materials World

Applications for the 2024-2025 Fellowship cycle are now closed.

Learn more about the Program Overview and Application Guidelines here.

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