Innovation in Practice

Technology has fundamentally transformed our world. It is the most profound change to permeate the profession of architecture and design in the last 70 years. As such, it is one of the more powerful tools we have at our disposal. However, the pursuit of innovation for its own sake is antithetical to our beliefs. Technology and research augment our design and delivery process, rather than the reverse. This outlooks springs from an ethos of inquiry and a commitment to delivering the best results for our clients. We are industry leaders in exploring the implementation of cutting-edge tools integrated into a practice, and our projects providing the feedback loop for future solutions.

Innovation in Practice

Research Fellowship

EDR Research Fellowship

The EDR Research Fellowship enables talented individuals to explore fundamental questions around the development of better buildings while embedded in a firm committed to excellence in design and performance. They are challenged to focus on a particular area of inquiry, unconstrained by day-to-day project deliverables, but with the opportunity to interact with and affect the course of ongoing work. All of their research has the distinct power to affect, not only our processes, but the way in which we learn and grow as a firm.

The 2020 Fellowship will focus on the only commonly used building material made by the sun: wood. Compared to traditional building materials of steel and concrete, wood boasts a remarkable advantage in sequestering carbon. It is also beautiful. However, not all wood is created equal. This Fellowship will be a deep dive on what makes for “good wood” vs “bad wood,” how architects can use wood in new ways (including mass timber assemblies such as CLT, NLT, and DLT), practical responses to the common challenges faced by wood, and a look ahead to next generation biologically-based low-carbon alternatives.

For more information on the coming year's Fellowship, visit the 2020 Fellowship Announcement.

2019 | DEEP CARBON: WHAT WOULD IT TAKE | Kelsey Wotila and Kevin He

Those who design and construct buildings are at the forefront of an exhilarating transformation: make buildings radically better places for people while making their construction and operation move towards net zero carbon emissions. The goal of this year’s Fellowship is to develop a library of 12 case studies of real-world projects—a mix of existing buildings and new construction—with a road map of what it would take to have these projects meet the Zero Net Carbon operation and 50% reduction in embodied carbon established by the Architecture2030 organization. This ‘upgrade package’ would also strive to achieve indoor environmental quality levels embodied in the science behind relevant components of the WELL, LEED, Fitwel, and the Living Building Challenge certification programs. These will be presented to building owners (for potential implementation) and then shared with the profession through websites, social media, presentations, and publications. The project will involve collaboration with partners including leading engineering firms, contractors, subcontractors, and non-profit organizations.

The stakes, and the opportunities, couldn’t be higher.

Fellowship Research